Excursions  Quad & ’SIDE BY SIDE’


location avec guide

Discover the amazing trails in the beautiful region bordering the Reservoir Taureau at the controls of one of our recent QUADS 2 places or SSV 2 places. Be it the Matawin dam, the banks of the reservoir, the huge forests that surround it or trails that make the lap that interest you, the SSV and Quad are the perfect vehicle to take full advantage of all of these resources which will be at your fingertips.

** Minimum 2 machines per departure **

(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) 4h* (90km) 380$ 400 $
(Everyday) 8h* (180km) 500$ 540 $

*trailside meals are available *

Let yourself be guided by an experienced professional who will be able to take you to the most beautiful places of nature in the heart of our beautiful region aboard one of our "side-by-side" or Quads. You can discover the hidden spaces and enjoy the wilderness without worrying about a thing.

Do not forget your camera…

Please communicate with the reception for reservation!!